meet many musicians with whom she will surround herself. She plays in various formations. Stellere Natalie and her Quartet have already performed on many festivals such as the Jazz aux Capucins festival, Jazz à Toute Heure, jazz de Mars ......... His music, a mixture of original compositions and carefully chosen covers, oscillates between soulful songs with unstoppable groove and blues standards. Compositions emerge a subtle blend between soul and jazz. Stellere has a fairly warm tone of voice that captivates from the first notes.Stellere Nathalie Barton grew up in the Usa. Immersed from an early age in American culture, She lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina where she turns to singing. Gradually permeated by various influences such as jazz, blues, gospel and soul, it finds its artistic identity. When she returns to Paris, Stellere sings in several jazz clubs where she will